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thyGraphics was founded by Alexander Jung and Daniel Preiss during their studies of computer science. thy as an old english possessive pronoun refers to, in contrast to your, exactly one person and is used again in slang, fantasy and metal. Graphics on the other hand is ubiquitous in our highly technical world and indispensable for the living interaction between humans and machines. Together this results in our philosophy to develop and improve software in the area of computer graphics individually in close collaboration with our partners and users.

Alexander Jung

Alexander Jung

"Computer graphics, graphical data processing and visualization has always fascinated me. As a pupil I tinkered my first 3D engine in C++, OpenGL and Direct3D. As a student of computer science I deepened my knowledge of operating system technology and system simulation, OpenCL and CUDA. At the Fraunhofer Development Center for X-Ray Technology (EZRT) I professionalized my skills for research and industry - especially in the area of robot based computer tomography and X-ray reconstruction with Filtered Back Projection and Algebraic Reconstruction Technique."

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2023  Automated 3D Defect Detection based on Simulated Reference
2018  Rapid Robotic X-ray Computed Tomography of Large Assemblies in Automotive Production
2017  Differential SART for sub-Nyquist Tomographic Reconstruction in Presence of Misalignments
2015  Cycle Time Reduction in Process Integrated Computed Tomography using Compressed Sensing
2013  Algebraische Rekonstruktionstechnik für die Industrielle Computertomographie (Diplomarbeit)
2012  Algebraische Rekonstruktionstechnik mit OpenCL und CUDA (Studienarbeit)


Sioux Technologies Fraunhofer IIS AHAB-Akademie Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg

Contact: alexander.jung@thygraphics.com

Daniel Preiss

Daniel Preiss

"I have always been passionate about science, research and development. Then I also grew up with computers in a time where it was still a specialty to have a computer at home. So the way to computer science was just pre-programmed :) Already during school I wrote many smaller and some greater programs, for example a software for the reconstruction of overdriven audio recordings. During my studies I found a like-minded person in Alexander, and in a fruitful collaboration many ideas became code."

"In the meantime I am responsible for the IT of a small company and offer mixing and mastering of music productions on the side, so there is not enough time for thyGraphics anymore. That's why I'm not involved in current projects anymore, but support with feedback from time to time, as Alexander and I are still on friendly terms."

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