Screenshot des ImageView2D

Small fast image viewer with sophisticated basic functions and high-quality image presentation.

Our image viewer needs no installation and can be saved compressed on a historical 1,44-MB-Disk. Direct access to graphics cards with OpenGL and Direct3D enables a highly efficient visualization. Supported are Bitmap-, GIF-, ICO-, JPEG-, PNG- and TIFF-files and additional formats through our plug-in interface. More information about features and functions can be taken from the tile view.

This program is freeware and free for private and commercial use.

Features and Functions

Sampling Methods

Different algorithms resize the image in high quality.

Automatic Rotation

On the basis of exif data portraits are oriented upright.


All international characters are supported in directory or file names.


The language of the user interface can be switched between English and German.

Explorer Connection

The image order is taken from the file manager and the viewed image is selected.

Without Admin Rights

ImageView2D runs without installation and with restricted rights – e.g. in the guest account.

Cache and Prefetch

Preloading and buffering of data enables fast switching between images.

Hardware Acceleration

Direct access to graphics cards enables a fast and highly efficient visualization.

Analyzing Tools

Ruler, histogram and the display of rgb color values for each pixel can be activated.

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